Lucid Motors, Stretch Wall Attenuation

Lucid Motors, Stretch Wall Attenuation


Casa Grande, Arizona


Reduce reverberation and fix mid-range clarity


Challenge: Executive board room with great aesthetics and really poor acoustic balance. During meetings, the occupant’s conversations and responses during zoom calls were unintelligible. We were asked to create a solution that dovetailed with the existing décor. We presented fabric stretch wall as an option. Existing fixtures and accessories added to the challenge.

Solution: The branding team chose a fabric that supported the design while adding a visual interest to the solution. We tracked around the existing devices and fixtures, blending the walls into panels with sound absorbing texture. Adding the treatment to the front and back of the room balanced the design and increased the attenuation factor. The addition of removable speaker covers in matching fabric finished AV wall beautifully. The rooms occupant’s now enjoy clear communication, reduced background noise, and improved functionality.